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  • Dear Baginc Team, Received my order today and would like to say thank you! I am very skeptical about ordering from online sites and after seeing a lot of reviews on Baginc and this particular style of bag (Adele), I decided to take a leap of faith. I was not disappointed as I love my bag. I am all about quality of workmanship and leather so was pleasantly surprised. The speed of delivery is great. Keep up the great standards of product quality and service have a loyal customer. Sonia , London Apr 25 2015
  • I was very nervous as I bought the bag first, and then read all the reviews. Baginc's service has been exceptional. An hour after I bought the bag, I changed my mind, and wanted another bag, and I emailed Baginc. They replied within half an hour saying that I could and answered my other questions. I forgot to reply. Baginc was ready to mail out my bag the next day, and emailed me again before they mailed my bag whether I still wanted the bag or not. GREAT SERVICE. 7 days down the line (note, 2 statuary holiday and 1 weekend included), I was not home to pick up the bag from FedEx. Marvie Sy, the representative that emailed me previously from Baginc, was kind enough to write another email, telling me the situation with FedEx, and whether I wanted to change my address or pick it up from FedEx. SPEEDY AND CONSIDERATE customer service. I received the bag today, the so soho reissue satchel in black. I was worried that the quality was going to be bag, because I watched a couple youtube videos for that bag. It is GREAT, better than I imagined. Good, sturdy, stylish bag made out of real leather. Inner flap lined with velvet material. Doesn't look wrinkly at all, as apposed to the youtube videos. Great everyday size, does not smell bad, and it even got feet. I got another cheap item just to get free shipping (Katty Key Holder And Change Leather Pouch Watermelon Red). That, on the other hand, smells bad, has this weird gloss that makes it look like fake leather. But overall review with Baginc, I'm impressed! Lisa , Vancouver Apr 25 2015
  • I have received the Vanessa Mini Tote In Leather Green, the watch Silicone Bracelet Purple and Lana Trendy Sunglasses Tortoise. I'm very happy! I'm very impressed with the quality of the bag, it's wonderful, I really LOVE IT! I also love the watch and the sunglasses so much. They are so stylish! I would like to thank Marvie for her competence. I will place another order very soon. Thanks BagInc.! Monica , Genova, Italy Apr 07 2015
  • je recommande vivement ce site les produits sont de tres belle qualitee scherrer , vuadens Mar 24 2015
  • I LOVE this bag! As soon as you open the package you can feel the quality of the bag. Ugh, I am so so happy with this purchase! I would highly recommend BagInc to all bag lovers! Zuly Estrada , Houston Mar 20 2015
  • I have ordered two bags from Baginc: The Vanessa Bag in Smooth Leather Burgundy/Beige/Green and the Whitney Croc Leather Tote in Light Grey. Both bags are inspired by the "C" bag brand and I must say that Baginc did a really good job with its resemblance of this popular brand of bags. I recommend this site to those looking for a high-end bag but not wanting to pay the huge price for one! I will be ordering the Whitney Croc Leather Tote in Black and the Essential Jane Bag w/ Scarf Croc Leather in Blue next. A job well done. Ebony W , Raleigh , NC Mar 08 2015
  • This is my third bag I have bought from BagInc and I am again so happy with my purchase! Every bag has such exceptional quality!! I ordered this bag on Tuesday the 3rd of February and received it Monday the 9th. Wow!!! Will continue to buy my bags on Thanks!! Heath N , Nashville Mar 08 2015
  • I absolutely LOVE my Patty Double Flap patent leather bag in blue. I originally ordered black, but once I saw the blue one I knew I had to have it. I emailed customer service and Marvie responded in a timely manner and solved my problem. The processing and shipping was also timely. I'm ready to order MORE bags and I'm expecting the same great quality. Thanks BagInc! Nikki Evans , Houston Mar 08 2015
  • Hi, I own a bag business in the United States. I was interested in purchasing your bags but I was wondering if there is a better price for retailers. Please let me know your rates. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Best regards, Mrs. Kwak Mrs. Kwak , Langley Park, Maryland Mar 08 2015
  • Hello, I wanted to know if prices are listed on page one dollar. I wanted to know the quality of products, and if they come to my country .... How should I do to buy. Camila , Buenos Aires, Argentina Mar 08 2015
  • merci de l envoie rapide pour mon sac il est plus merveilleux danielle danielle scherrer , vuadens Dec 22 2014
  • i would like to thank marvie for all her help with christi bag i got it yesterday and its more than i expected it was perfect thank you so much and i will be ordering again real soon. i have other bags that i have purchased from baginc, so far i have not been disappointed yet. i have been telling all of my friends about the quality of your bags thank you. Linda , Troy NY Oct 18 2014
  • My Vanessa "C" style handbag arrived at my door step well packed. The color I chose was burgundy/ beige/ suede ... Roomy leather is very nice and am quite pleased at what I got !! I have a black and white "C" Vanessa and a black Whitney "C" style bag.... Slowly building a decent handbag wardrobe with classic pieces that I could not even begin to purchase ever.... Thank you Baginc again Anne Marie Hamel , Rochester Oct 09 2014
  • My fiance purchase the Adele Flap bag got it in 1 week the quality it great. I love the bag i would definitely purchase another one. Nancy , Brooklyn Sep 25 2014
  • Just received my order, the Christi leather bag in black. I am extremely happy with the bag. First off they delivered this bag within a week, I was surprised to receive so fast. This quality of this bag is great. Looks authentic. Great zipper and size. It's a bit heavy empty so you have to be careful what you place inside. It can hold plenty of items and the opening of bag is convenient to pull out a book if u place it inside. I will be purchasing a Jane bag in the near future. Quality is good worth your money if your into bags!!!! Cel vel , Dallas ga Aug 30 2014
  • Good quality for bags and I love their costumer's service. :) Samantha Aug 29 2014
  • I have the Whitney bag and the Essential Jane bag and it's amazing ! A very good quality, real leather, everything is nice and perfectly made. I've a lot of bag that i've paid almost 400$ and i can tell you that the bags that i bought with BAGINC.COM are better. I will recommend this website to everyone, and i will buy again and again every 2 weeks or every months a different bag. ClemenceKW , Paris Aug 03 2014
  • I have the Vanessa medium tote in the colour black/brown/white in the Lana collection and its an amazing dupe for the very expensive and famously known worldwide C bags! I got it in the mail and could not believe how legit the bag looked and how nice everything was. Material feels nice and durable, stitching on the bag is good and it got delivered in perfect condition! I think the bag is worth every dollar as it will last a long time and hold everything you need it to. I recommend it to family and friends :) MelindaINT , Sydney, Australia Jul 06 2014
  • Just got hold of my jane gray bag! I looove it! I ordered last sun and it arrived today wed. Wow! That was the fastest delivery of all online items ive purchased overseas. And the quality is unbelievably good! Already created my list of all the bags in line for my nxt purchases! Thank you bagnatic! I can now enjoy high quality bags without the guilt of high price tags. Thebeloved , Singapore Jul 06 2014
  • Very impressed with the quality of the bag and the speedy delivery of the order. I ordered the Jane bag in black last week. Now I'm going to order the dark grey one. Love it! :) Jo , Bellevue Jul 06 2014
  • Being I am such a handbag "snob", I am surprised I am so in love with the bags Bagsinc sells. I was very hesitant to order the first time because it was overseas and know. The bags I've received have far exceeded my expectations in quality. The last bag I got (Jane) about 3 weeks ago still smells of the new leather. I have many L, C, and B bags and these bags rival them all but knock them out of the game with their exceptional cost. I even receive them in less than a week! Highly recommend his company. Rhonda brown , AZ Apr 29 2014
  • Just received my Whitney black leather handbag that looks feels and is well made! Shipping was fast and packaging was superb! This beautiful handbag is to the " C " brand of the Phantom series. Kudos to baginc!!!! I will be purchasing again from your company!!! Beautiful!!!!! Anne Marie Hamel , Rochester NH Apr 08 2014
  • I received the Adele Flap Bag Cowhide Leather Caviar Black today and I'm very impressed. You can feel the real leather and the sturdiness. I'm happy with my purchase and the delivery was faster than I expected! munirah attirah bt ahmad tahir , puchong, malaysia Apr 04 2014
  • I purchased my first bag from Bag Inc and received it today. It is a great quality bag and shipped very quickly. I purchased the studded Alexa in blue and I am very pleased. The communication was great and I will definitely be purchasing thru you again. Thank you Carol Kitchens , Knoxville Mar 31 2014
  • This is my favorite website for fashion Look alike handbags.I received my two bags today and I'm so happy.I'm ordering another one today. Thanks Baginc! Jeanne , New York City Mar 25 2014
  • I was looking for a great black handbag and the jane bag looks so close to the fashion bas a at really great savings plus the fact that is real leather is just great..Thank you for a real good buy and great handbag. cynthia duke , Garland Mar 25 2014
  • My order of "bottega"-like handbags arrived today and I have to say that they are fabulous. I own bags, real Bottega bags -- you name it, I have it and admit that I am a true handbag addict. The handbags from Bag Inc are really well made and look wonderful. Thank you and I will recommend your service to friends and anyone else who admires my new handbags. I'll be back. Babette Penton , Washington, D.C. Mar 25 2014
  • I think is smart to read the market situation now. bag is the best way for the women to get fashion style with good quality but with affordable price, so still able to shop smart and save the money. On the other hand, these women at this market know that buying replica bag is kind of action that against the law. Finally, I really hope that I can get USD 200,00 free ;) Keep doing good, Baginc! Dina, ID , LAMPUNG,INDONESIA Mar 25 2014
  • I think is smart to read the market situation. The bag is the best way for the woman that want to get the style of bag, but with affordable price with good quality, so they can do smart shopping and saving the money in the same time. The bags that are provided by is the preference of the women that understand to buy replica one is kind of action against the law. Finally, I hope the spring spree US200,00 is with me ;p Keep doing good, Baginc, and bravo! Dina, ID , LAMPUNG,INDONESIA Mar 25 2014
  • Just got the Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag..this bag is really gorgeous. I mean it really looks exactly like the "real" version. I was ready to spend the $900 on the other one but thought i really should give this one a try.. glad I did. Only thing to complain about is the horrid smell. These bags come from China (which most bags do..) and from what I read online the spray them with pesticides to prevent bugs from being transported. Hopefully the smell goes away, this bag is amazing. Anna , Austin Mar 25 2014
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