The Essential Jane Bag Leather Grey Gold Hardware

The Essential Jane Bag Leather Grey Gold Hardware

SKU: 36-8089G-4
4 Review(s)
This Essential Jane Bag is the creme de la creme of handbag accessories. No girl or woman would turn down a chance to own this very fabulous piece. This is the kind of bag thats considered an investment because of its classic shape which looks great no matter which decade you're in, what you're wearing or what you look like. At this price, its a bargain which can't be turned down. Made of the absolutely finest, buttery-soft leather, this bag comes with gold toned hardware that completes its rich look. The flap closure with a padlock ornament and metal stud feet don't let you forget how elite the look of this bag is. Even the interior lining is made of leather.

Width 13.8”/35cm
Height 10.2”/ 26cm
Depth 7.5”/ 19cm
Available colors
  • BeeJay  Jun 16, 2017
    I ordered one about 2 years ago and it is quite the conversation piece every single place I go! Ordering was extra simple and the delivery time was maybe 2 weeks. It was delivered securely. The quality was amazing and it is indeed genuine leather. I will order another Jane soon!
  • bellenoir823  Jan 8, 2016
    I was hesitant to order this bag from the site but I was amazed and extremely happy when it arrived within 7 days. The bag is more of a taupe grey color and is made of leather inside and out. It looks like an original Birkin!!!!! FYI: I am not a youtuber or blogger, just a regular girl. I am happy that Baginc treats regular girls the same as those who are instafamous/gurus. Whew! I am so happy and pleasantly surprised with my purchase and I will be ordering more.
  • Nina Brown  Nov 30, 2015
    Beautiful bag! I get compliments on the bag wherever I go. Everyone wants to know where I got it. I think you need to put a couple of business cards in the pockets for me to hand out
  • Yumi  Nov 25, 2015
    I am the type of girl who loves feminine bags and this really matches my taste.

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