The Essential Jane Bag Leather Red Gold Hardware

The Essential Jane Bag Leather Red Gold Hardware

SKU: 36-8089G-8
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This Essential Jane Bag is the creme de la creme of handbag accessories. No girl or woman would turn down a chance to own this very fabulous piece. This is the kind of bag thats considered an investment because of its classic shape which looks great no matter which decade you're in, what you're wearing or what you look like. At this price, its a bargain which can't be turned down. Made of the absolutely finest, buttery-soft leather, this bag comes with gold toned hardware that completes its rich look. The flap closure with a padlock ornament and metal stud feet don't let you forget how elite the look of this bag is. Even the interior lining is made of leather.

Width 13.8”/35cm
Height 10.2”/ 26cm
Depth 7.5”/ 19cm
Available colors
  • Valorie Satinberg  Nov 13, 2015
    I think this bag is gorgeous and many people should buy it! It looks just like the bags and it is actually real leather, not like those cheap fake designer lookalikes that you find for like $15. This is a real leather handbag with beautiful hardware and such a enchanting piece to set off the look of your everyday outfit! Therefore, I think many people should buy this beautiful and gorgeous handbag!

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