Hollywood has always explored the style and elegance at its best with different accessories. But one accessory that has been used to portray elegance and sophistication is scarf. Whether it is Lina Wertmuller’s classic Swept Away (in 1974) or Isla Fischer’s Confessions of a Shopaholic (in 2009), trendy scarves have been a fashion statement always.

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Whether you want to wear it as a sultry halter top, wear it as a head wrap or use it as a neck tie, fashion scarves are something that goes well with every season. All those scarf cats out there, good news for you all. As the winters are approaching, so is the trend of wearing stylish and trendy scarves.

We are proud to launch our very own trendy scarf collection. From florals to sorbet colors to authentic animal prints, these affordable scarves are a must have.

Want to spice up your boring outfit? Animal print scarves are the way to go. This perfect fashion accessory enables you to have a dramatic signature of your personality. The most coveted animal prints are the leopard print and the zebra printed scarves made out of silk fabric. However if you are not a animal print lover, you don’t need to worry that much either. We offer you a wide variety of scarves. Some of our hot sellers are:
Melrose Glam So Scottish Large Scarf White

Patterend with good designs, this tartan plaid scarf is a trendsetter. Just as the name suggests, this silky scarf peps up your style statement. Get ready to get the reason for your BFF’s envy.
Melrose Glam Deep Web Scarf White
Featured with a print of abstract mosaics in a web of intricate patterns this unique Melrose Glam Deep Web Scarf White offers. It offers just the quirky pop of eye-catching detail that your outfit needs.

So all those fashionistas who want to be the next ‘girl in the green scarf’, don’t let this golden opportunity slip away from your hands. Grab one of these wholesale scarves for men and women available at Bag INC today and flaunt your style.