Backpack Handbags and Purses


Many people are traveling these days and need to carry a lot of stuff that they may need handy. Hence they tend to carry half their homes in the backpack handbags! It is no mean statement. Teenagers carry them so that they don’t have to come back home for the CDs, ipads, ipods or another other music instrument. People who work and are technologically challenged without their laptops need such instruments all the time. There was a time when only salesmen used to carry a lot of stuff like calculators, papers, agreements and files that were important for meetings outside the office. Nowadays almost every one is doing that. Backpack handbags are safe and many women have resorted to wearing them as well. With hands free they are able to negotiate the way easily. For this is not an ordinary fashion bag but a thing which is a treasure trove to carry around! For making a fashion statement they can always fall back on the branded designer bags. For some women it is an addition to the list of bags and purses they already own. But they also prefer to go cool when it comes to long travel and carrying all stuff in one carry all bag.



Backpack handbags can be found in any retail stores that sell wholesale handbags. It is the safety measure that makes most men and women carry these large bags on their backs. Even if they are large they come in reasonable price ranges. Good qualities ones are made of durable material and are comfortable on the back for long hours. Another advantage over these cool backpackers is that everything else bought on the way can be stuffed inside. There is no fear of leaving something, which may happen when it is carried in hands. The latest range of backpacks is organized and has several slots that can be used or keeping things in an organized manner. So when one needs anything dig the right slot and retrieve the stuff. They are economical and very handy. Even though they are cheap handbags they are functional and easy to gift also. And because they are used by millions of people worldwide there are well known brands that have invested their money in making them. Fashion houses like Coach, Prada, Diesel and Burton are available in several wholesale handbags shops. These are the studios that also make ladies bags and purses. They co-ordinate the backpacks and the bags and purses designs to match each other. They have also set a better standard compared to the lesser-known brands. The quality is far more superior and the stuff their produce is more long lasting. They have a complete kit for the techo-savvy executive who globe trots. He needs a fully charged battery kit that can be accommodated in the bag. With a branded backpack handbag anyone can make a power statement these days. There are business class and deluxe variety that separate the big men from the bicycle boys.



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