What Are Celebrity Handbags Made Of?

Celebrity style handbags are the cheap alternatives to original signature collections. While you must have read much about the benefits of using these bags, there is often very less details about the materials that they are made of. You must have heard or read that the Celebrity style purses are manufactured with high quality materials but, you have very little knowledge regarding the characteristic features of these materials. So let’s see what materials do a reputed online store like BagInc uses for manufacturing their products.

Materials for manufacturing Celebrity style handbags

Synthetic leather: We at BagInc use good quality synthetic leather for manufacturing our products. Synthetic leather is one of the most commonly used materials for making Celebrity style handbags. Following are some of the benefits of using this material:

• As it is a man-made material created with much skill and expertise, the thickness of the sheaths of leather are uniform in thickness. This in turn ensures finesse of the bags created by us.

• This man-made material comprises engineered polymers. These polymers have high tensile strength, which ensures the durability of the synthetic material we use in our Celebrity bags.

• Synthetic leather comprises similar embossed graining, which makes the man made ones look exactly like the originals.

Synthetic Silk: We use synthetic silk to bring down the price of the bags. This material imitates the look and feel of the original silk, but costs significantly less. Synthetic or man-made silk is manufactured with mercerized cotton, rayon, or polymer. Sometimes a blend of any of these two materials is used for manufacturing synthetic silk. The material thus created is not only of good quality, but, also is long-lasting.

Plaid: This material was popular for making blankets and specific garments long time back. But, we have used our innovation to the fabric by creating Celebrity style handbags with it.

Synthetic Suede: This is one of the hottest materials for manufacturing Celebrity style accessories like Celebrity bags. The material is durable as well as looks great when cut and sewed into Celebrity style handbags. The synthetic suede used by us is specially formulated for being supple yet unusually strong. This is one of the reasons of our products being resistant to stiffening, cracking, tearing, sagging, or shrinking. We use this product for creating water-resistant and washable products too.

Canvas: This is a coarse, heavy-duty fabric that we use in backpacks and totes that are meant for carrying significant loads. At BagInc, the canvas we use is specially formulated for being durable as well as sturdy. You can get loads of designs and colors on the material.

At www.baginc.com you will get loads of designs and shapes created with the above mentioned materials. While the bags look stylish and magnificent, the cost of those is also well within your easy reach.