Clutch Handbags and Purses

For a long time now women with a fashion sense have been redefining the meaning of handy bags. Today there are plentiful variations but once upon a time they were merely utility bags to hold stuff together or a different version that were carried to social events as a part of the fashionable ensemble. Today, there are more reasons and occasions for any beautiful fashion bag or purse to be used. As the concept of fashion changes so do the kinds of accessories the ladies flaunt. Clutch handbags have been introduced some time back in the fashion world. How does one define its virtual necessity today? The simplest definition of the fabulous fixture is that is has no straps or chains. It has to be ‘clutched’ in the hand and it carries only the most important stuff the girls need. It has compartments for keeping the miscellaneous swipe cards, credit cards, cell phone, the important driving license and some cash. Today there are assorted clutch handbags that have seasonal limited editions. They now enhance the personality a woman. In the broad category of bags and purses, clutches are more elegant and are graceful to carry in a party. The celebrity bags variety of clutches is very glossy with embellishments and slightly expensive in pricing. In contrast, the every day fashion bag can be strappy and more functional in nature. When a girl is carrying such a piece with important cards, she needs to keep it safe. For this purpose large cheap handbags are more advantageous. They have safe compartments that can be used for keeping the expensive clutch bag. The compartment can be zipped for additional safety.


There is an entire wholesale handbags market from where such items can be sourced. Few girls like to blend colors and pattern of the handbag with the clutch. Which is fine if it done with a good aesthetic sense. But never try to put this in celebrity bags, as it will not hold well. As the celebrity ones are meant for parties adding a clutch is not a good idea. If the piece is elegant do add a gold chain so that it can be carried over the shoulder. So it is metamorphosed from a day look to an evening look.  But for all practical purposes if a bright colored purse is used with a dull dress, it befits the look. If the dress is shiny then a simple clutch can do the trick.


Women can always browse the Internet to know more about how she can buy the best. She can have a couple of fashion bags to match miscellaneous outfits. The clutch handbags have come a long way from the time they have been introduced by our grandmother’s generation. And if you have one that your grandmother took a party, do make newer version to make a fashions statement in your friend circle. Or maybe you can check on the net for a similar style that may be available and waiting to be purchased.


Clutches handbags are best seen online before buying. For more fashion bags chose wholesale handbags web store