Evening Handbags and purses


Social events have just got more interesting for women who carry celebrity bags. Looking forward to weekends for de-stressing and having fun have given them an opportunity to get out of the every day look. Now we are spoilt for choice from the branded fashion bag or the gracious evening handbags. And this Christmas and New Year, the ultimate buy is the velvet celebrity bags for making festive evenings more fun. Soft velvet is the material of the season this winter. The color palette is equally interesting. Crimson red with the monochrome black evening gown is one of the highlights of several celebrity bags that are on offer worldwide. Then there is royal purple that can take the breath away. The classic shades of tan, brown and black have a dash of sequin work to make them more alluring to the buyer.



If you are looking for bags and purses this season, do look for evening handbags that have been crafted with soft material with sating inner lining. Classic shades have a chiffon weave making it a must have as the trends dictate. There are many wholesale handbags stores that have fancy choices for the evening. Leather is no longer the material for evening handbags. Softer materials are trendier and have a feminine touch. The smoother fabrics have an edge and are not tested on animals, which make them so much better. These carriers can be expensive but if bought from a cheap handbags store they are reasonably priced. They come in many varieties and shapes that outline their needs for parties. Remember, these bags should not be left even when you are dancing in gay abandon. So invest in one that can be slung around the shoulder discreetly. There is no point in asking someone to look after it while you are having a nice time grooving. A detachable chain can be carried to the party. Before dancing, the thin chain can be fixed and the bag can be slung over the shoulder. So there are no worries that the contents will be flicked. If you are fretting over the bag your mate or dancing partner will be annoyed. So be careful, the evening needs to be enjoyed by both and should not break because of a bag!



Ideally evening handbags can hold a lipstick, a portable make up kit with the cell phone. The rest can be left behind at home. Too big a celebrity handbag can kill the romance of the evening. Many girls like to wear the LBD for an evening date. And there is no need to carry the black bag too. There are more choices of evening bags. Fashion magazines recommend animal prints on the exterior, peacock shaped silver outer finish and white satin lining inside, crystal clutches, a box copper metallic glittering piece, social pleated cluster exterior, lizard envelope shaped in matte finished gold, glass beaded in classic shades, fabulous crystal mesh, two toned celebrity bags. One can get branded or cheaper versions of the same.



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