How to Pay by Western Union?

When you place your order on Baginc, you have the option of paying for your order at any participating Western Union location.
The Western Union charge that applies to Baginc is based on the total amount of your transaction

Follow these 3 EASY STEPS for making your payment via Western Union.
Step 1: Visit or any local Western Union counter or Post office to make a Western Union payment via cash or credit card.
Step 2: Once you have made your payment via Western Union, you will be issued a unique MTCN number that is 10-digits long. This number will be provided by Western Union and is a vital part of the payment process.
Step 3: After you have paid for your order via Western Union and been issued an MTCN number, please visit the Western Union order form on Baginc and complete your order. We will receive payment notification once the order form has been completed. We will then cash out the amount transferred. After we have received the funds, we will ship your order. Shipping will occur 24-48 hours after funds are received. Once we have shipped your Baginc order, a tracking number will be generated and e-mailed to you. From there, you can track the status and location of your order online.

Baginc Western Union Transfer Information:
First Name: HAN QIU
Last Name: YE
Country: CHINA