Messenger Handbags and Purses


There was a time when only young boys were carrying the messenger bags. Today girls also flaunt them readily. Still one can distinguish between them. There is a demarcation between the ones that the girls’ use and those slung across by the boys. So it isn’t really unisexual in appearance. They are not overtly feminine or masculine, giving them an androgynous structure. Men have used them to make their heavy load more bearable. They originated with the bicycle boys who used to ferry messages and act as courier boys. As they evolved the characteristics and uses changed. Men like to shop online. They can spend ample time looking at cheap handbags websites that offer these classics for their tastes. In fact at these stores they will get good deals. Even today’s courier boys carry magazines, files and newspapers in such large square bags. They can be recognized from the big flaps in the front. Inside there are two big compartments. They come with zippers or without them. Since they are not considered as typical designer bags the trends are not dictated by fashion. They are made from materials that are waterproof. In the past the designs were copied from military bags. The shoulder strap is large and adjustable. Most guys like to wear them across the shoulder when they are walking or riding the bicycle.



Some of the guy styles that are in demand are Abus Dryve from a German company and is streamlined with simple compartments. A medium sized one is the Banjo Bros medium. It come sin classic black and has Velcro tape fasteners. Pens can be kept in neat compartment. It is also water resistant. It also has a removable mobile holder. A blue Bagaboo Eco medium is another fantastic choice. It has a capacity to hold 27 liters with the largest one able to carry 34 liters. Inside it has a tarpaulin lining. It is tough and has a condura on the outside. The Ortlieb Medium sling it type is another winner and a popular model. It has Teutonic waterproofing and keeps the contents very dry inside. It has spacious interiors for storage. It can carry a laptop, has enough space for files and other papers. There are no distractive elements on the outside like pockets etc so it scores on the simple design. For a much more comprehensive pattern the Pacific Outdoor Vancouver is an ideal investment.



While handbags and purses tend to make a fashion statement the messenger bags are more anti-fashion in content. Despite that, they tend to be hip and chic. They can be worn with everyday cool pair of torn jeans and t-shirt. As the trend goes now these bags are handy for the ipads, ipods and cool music stuff to carry on the go. Try to locate some of these cool stuffy bags on wholesale handbags virtual galleries. If a girl needs a fashion bag like this, the Internet is a great place to find it. Sling on bag styles are hip for the young with a free spirit.



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