Shoulder Handbags and Purses


Several ladies feel incomplete without their handbags or purses. It is a part of their dressing for office, social functions and outdoor events. Owning a good quality fashion bag brings a status to a woman of any age. And many of them now prefer to have a range in their cupboards for various occasions. An in the cupboard there may be shoulder bags that are important when she is on a specific trip. A shoulder bag cannot be mistaken for a backpack. Shoulder bags are general used over one shoulder and come with long straps. Generally these are essentially leather bags and are more for function than for fashion. One often sees men carrying a backpack and also a shoulder bag at the same time. If you have seen photographers you will get the drift. Of course even women carry such bags. But the idea of carrying these bags is not to make a fashion statement. These bags also carry plenty of stuff; hence they need to be switched from one shoulder to another so it does not get painfully after long time. Such shoulder bags also have handles for grasping. So if the shoulder pains the hand can grasp the bag too. They are versatile bags and found in major cheap handbags shops. Many people need them and even the designers have come out with their versions with a view of attracting the upwardly mobile group of executives.



Designer bags are usually found in simple shades of brown, tan, nude, black ranges. Now navy blue and charcoal grey shades have also been introduced. There are many wholesale handbags online website that have these multipurpose bags. Seeing the adaptable ranges buyers have a choice of the sturdy canvas fabric and the smooth ever-lasting leather material. Both are popular, as they do not tear easily. Since it can carry a lot of stuff it needs to be organized. Hence neat variety will include small pockets on the outside. Most square shaped bags have this compartment. The back may be simple. But on the inside there is separate space for putting pens/pencils/cell phones, keys, and zippers for tucking in purses also. There will be secret layers to carry money and other important cards that need to be kept safely for emergency. These are value for money accessories that can help both men and women to have personal stuff all day long. Such bags are not gender specific either. Unless they are in colors that are used only by women most shoulder bags are of neutral shades. One of the most classic examples of this style is the Kipling shoulder bag. Made in Belgium it is ideal for its purpose.



Today it is easy for most men and women to mix and match their wardrobe with the fashion accessories like designer bags. There are so many wholesale handbags shops online, which have duffel bags, back packs and evening shoulder bags too. It is quite safe to buy online as one can get guarantee with the products. Incase the buttons or zippers give way during the guarantee period they are replaced or repaired.



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