Tote Handbags and Purses


Last year the fashion trends showed that tote handbags replaced bags and purses as style statements. Some totes emerged as eco-friendly pieces; some of them have survived this season too. If one has to be in touch with the latest celebrity bags in vogue watch out for the runways or the latest editions released by the studios of the famous fashion houses. One-can categories the tote handbags into distinct styles-one that are carry all and the other is the celebrity variety that separates the rich from the rags! Hence when one is browsing for one at any wholesale handbags online store the prices range from USD 30 to USD 98! It comes with zippers and without them also. A stream of colors makes them vibrant for daily use.



It was the recession last year that made the cloth tote handbags so popular. That means the girl with the shoestring budget was able to invest in the latest dress and shoes also on saving on the handbag. There were few takers for the Fendi baguette but then numerous replicas came online in cheap handbags virtual galleries at more reasonable rates. Luxury may be over a cloud this season, but the mood is still bright. There are plenty of tote handbags that shoulder the responsibility of fashion. They have been able to keep women happy even though the job status is precarious. Their bags and purses are still ensuring that they are getting the party invitations to charity functions. Less celebrity bags to flaunt is not dampening the festive spirit. Tomorrow is another day and times will be better.



The new age totes seem to see a revival of the 70s fashion season back in demand. Only this time they are more elegant and carry messages supporting the environment. Creative graphics and bold colors like yellow and beige, red and cream have ensured women pick them like hot buttered buns. Canvas and jute materials are just right for the women who need to carry many things like files and other stuff also. In fact the choice of totes are also showing the difference between the haves and the have-nots. Women who prefer the original can now get celebrity bags off the racks with about 75% discount in some stores. While looking for the perfect tote look for sturdy straps. If they are made of leather they will not tear away with the load. The bag should be spacious and not have too many compartments. Hence the areas where double stitching is required should be checked before buying. This kind of accessory can be carried on the arm or the shoulder. A smaller sized one looks good on the arm for a brunch meet with girl pals. It can also be the perfect fit for carrying to the beach with an extra pair of clothes for changing. Sure go for materials like nylon, canvas, or jute that can be stuffed with heavy-duty stuff also. And make your own fashion statement and start a new trend this weekend.



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