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About Us

  • Who We Are?

    Remotely operating from Paris with an office and warehouse in Hong Kong, Baginc is comprised of a team of energetic fashion aficionados with a passion for celebrity style bags, fashion handbags. Our international coverage gives a unique edge, one that allows us to deliver the hottest bags to clients all over the globe.

    Our team members are no strangers to fashion. Originating in France, we share the country’s inherently discerning eye for couture. Since 2004, we have been on the forefront of fashion, tracking trends, networking in the news. After much success in the shops, we decided to bring these fashion bags directly to you and voilà, trendy affordable handbags are born!

  • What We Do?

    Using as an online gateway, we offer the latest celebrity styles in affordable fashion handbags. From the heart of the fashion district, we select manufacturers who specialize in producing Hollywood-like celebrity handbags at everyday prices. In turn, you can shop for these gorgeous celebrity looks for less in the stores we love to shop.

    Our dedicated French scouts are constantly on the lookout for the hottest Hollywood bags and who’s carrying them from this, we produce these very same styles at sensible prices without compromising quality. By travelling to Asia and hiring the most qualified bag makers who can formulate fashionable favorites at a fraction of the cost, we can transfer these savings on to you. The bottom line is: we aim to totally satisfy our customers.

  • Why We Do It?

    Driven by passion, we’re excited by the idea of democratizing fashion and delivering trendy celebrity handbags for less. You get the best built bags that scream “style” for under $100. Growing up in Paris, we saw how quickly changing styles can influence the way a person looks and feels. Back then, it was only the very wealthy that enjoyed the luxury of sporting the most current looks and trends.
  • What Turns Us On?

    Using as an online gateway, we offer the latest celebrity styles There’s a new mentality in town that speaks directly to customers’ pocketbooks. They want to pay less and receive more; Baginc is on the cusp of this evolving trend. Part of this change in mentality, Baginc offers the latest and greatest fashion handbags for less and IT bags seen carried by your favorite stars. Our slogan, “fab without a fortune”, came naturally as a result of our work philosophy, which includes:
    • Good design, for less
    • Freedom of choice
    • Bridging the global fashion gap
    • Watching the fashion forecast

    Baginc is the perfect compromise to fitting in with fashion while having some extra cash to put away in that pretty new purse!

    For more information about Baginc, handbags, purses, wallets, clutches, shoulder totes, and much more, please contact us.